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But my job is still, even in his death, to portray another Rhodes.

I cannot, and refuse to, do a Dusty tribute for the rest of my career. That’s where my father was a master—the promotional element of pro wrestling. Each crowd I work on the independents is bigger than the last one.

For a time, I had given up on my dream, but the instant I walked away from WWE was the moment I realized I was foolish to think that way. I’ve tasted them, and I kept that taste in my mouth. I’m one of four children, along with Dustin, Kristin, and Teil. I have so much Michelle Runnels in me, and the other siblings are so much more like Dusty, so maybe that is why he tried so hard with me. I can close my eyes and picture him behind the wheel, driving my sister and I to school. He would get more frustrated about my situation in WWE than me. During the Wrestle Mania 28 rehearsal, I was in the ring with Big Show and Mike Rotunda—and, actually, The Rock and John Cena were in the ring, too—and he was so proud of me. Dusty was The King, but the kingdom is still there. When you have problems in your personal life, you do not need them in your business life.

There would be a country song playing—like “The River” by Garth Brooks—and he would explain why that was significant and give us these motivational bits. A couple of the higher-ups said I shouldn’t only speak to my father about my issues and concerns, and they were right. Contrary to reports, when my father passed, I did not want to return on-screen as Cody Rhodes and rally behind the Rhodes flag. ’ I just did a show for House of Glory in New York, and they were chanting ‘Dusty!

Wrestling is the opportunity to always live up to the hype when you have the best performers, and Dusty was one of the best.

Dusty talks about John Wayne in “Hard Times,” and he and John Wayne passed away on the same day. I feel him at every show, and I miss him—for myself, my family, the fans, and everyone in wrestling he fathered.

I didn’t leave WWE to prove them wrong, but it sure as hell feels good when I do. I want to cross barriers and run at this like as if wrestling were the territories in the 1970s and 80s—that’s what I am trying to do.

People kept telling me it can’t be done, that the business has changed, and I’m sure there were other reasons.

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He also added to his resume by acting on the television show Cody Rhodes is someone with vindication on his mind. There is more than one reason, but the end result is that I am seeking vindication and I’m playing to win. I am not fully complete as a pro wrestler, and there is a lot for me left to learn, but the only way to learn is to go places in wrestling that no one has gone.

I was long prepared for it because that was something we were supposed to do in WWE, but they didn’t see it. At that point, there was no amount of money in the world that could have forced me to paint my face one more time. I saw this picture taken from one of the recent TNA tapings, and my face looked like my dad’s.