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When it happened i became pregnant and remained pregnant for many months, which are not more then 10 months.Then by a message from Allah i was converted from marium to ESA (AS).Ain e maseeh"Hazrat Eas(AS)(Jesus) who was to appear is me, i am real ESA(AS). For two years i was Marium(AS) (Mother of Jesus) and raised having the properties of Marium, and was raised behind a certain.When 2 years passed a spirit was installed inside my tummy. EDUCATION:"A prophet never get education from any one and because i(Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) am Nabi(messenger) so i didn't get religious education from any one.

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Then there was another molvi sahab, he taught me SURF and way of NAHAV. Masal e Maseeh (Similar to Hazrat Esa (AS) (Jesus) but not exactly like him)6. Afzal un e Maseeh (Greater then Hazrat Esa (AS) (Jesus))8.

Page 182Rohani khazain.16.271,272)"Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was granted with 3000 miracles, im (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) granted with 1 million miracles"(Rohani Khazain.21.72)so basically if we arrange his clams in parts..there will be 3 parts.1. The Mahdi will be a descendent of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalm He will resemble the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalm in character and his name will be Muhammad and his father’s name will be Abdullah.