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The drink lived on through this period through fan perseverance.

The Facebook page "Resurrect Ecto Cooler" has more than 13,000 likes and dozens of homemade recipes are available on websites as varied as Ghostbusters fan sites to cooking groups to general news organizations.

Bob Trader, associate professor of communication at Mc Daniel College, said nostalgia is one of the most popular and powerful tools a marketing company has to support a product line."There's this idea that as parents get older, we have a rose-colored glasses view of the past that is a lot better than we actually remember," Trader said.

"It's a desire to share our heritage with the future.

But for many of these novelty drinks, the Internet has provided a space for large fanbases to spring up and find each other.

And the Real Ghostbusters," with the show taking on a more kid-friendly tone and centering Slimer's role as mascot of the group.

First released in 2004, the deep-purple grape-flavored soda was tied into the Halloween season, often paired with Universal's "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." Pitch Black returned, in name only, the next Halloween season as Mountain Dew Pitch Black II, this time with an added sour flavor.

Both renditions of Pitch Black lasted only a year, but Pepsi attempted a nostalgia-based revival in 2011, with their Back by Popular DEWmand promotion which brought the discontinued Pitch Black, Supernova and Typhoon into stores for only a single summer.

The drink finally hit stores and over Memorial Day weekend, with Hi-C restoring its classic logo on the packaging for an added kick of nostalgia.

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While changing rules about marketing surgary drinks to children meant Slimer could no longer take center stage on the packaging, the boxes are still proudly marked with the Ghostbusters title, to make sure fans and children know about the drinks relationship to the popular franchise.If so, you're probably a "Harbinger of Failure"-a consumer whose taste is so unusual that companies can...

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