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Male sexual or erotic templates are a bit more, well, "rigid," whereas female erotic templates can be more fluid across the lifespan.It's one reason why we see greater rates of fetishes and sexual disorders in males.This is the second installment of interviews with speakers from the 2nd Annual Alt Sex NYC Conference, which was held on April 28 in New York City. David Ley is a sexuality expert, best known for his books including Ethical Porn for Dicks and The Myth of Sex Addiction.His presentation on the burgeoning research on bisexuality provided insights into our rapidly developing and changing understanding of sexual orientation.​Q: What does the research have to say on the role of biology and hormones on bisexuality? There are hints that hormonal development may influence the degree to which females and males are open to same-sex attractions.They might perhaps influence the development of sexual fluidity.As this happens, we learn more and more about all the different nuances and contextual factors that define the incredible richness present in these varying flavors of sexual identity, arousal, and behavior.

A: I treated a man once who was bisexual, and very interested in sex with men, but not at all interested in falling in love with a man.So these theories and findings may not be — and probably are not — universal.We are learning, from bisexuality and other aspects of sexual research, that human sexuality is intensely nuanced and context-dependent. Q: Personality-wise, bisexuals score lower on Conscientiousness, but higher on both Openness to New Experiences and Neuroticism.It's one of the places where liberals and sexually diverse people use the same shaming and social conformity pressures common in conservatives. A: That's Eric Anderson, a sexual researcher currently living in the UK.

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Bisexuals, in all their many stripes, are, I think, the new frontier of growth, development, and understanding for sexuality. In his new book about bisexuality, he and his co-author suggest there are many different kinds of bisexuality, ranging from men who do "gay for pay" sex in porn films but identify as straight, to men who engage in homosexual behavior while in prison, but are straight in the rest of their life.This leaves us in the midst of a "sea change" environment, and we can only really wait and see to find out what sexuality, orientation, and identity will look like in the future.

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