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14-Dec-2017 14:38

She was about to respond to it but, knowing that I write on security matters, she decided to check with me first. When I read the forwarded email, it was clear at once that she had received a romance scam letter. This is a type of email phishing that targets basic human instincts and needs.They appeal to greed, power, sex, love/romance, and sympathy.As I researched the scammer that contacted my friend, I saw that she had received the more condensed version of the letter. Below is a picture of the guy who probably scammed my friend.Even if my conclusion is wrong, the guy is a known scammer so I don’t think I’ll ruin his reputation much.

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You can see this sometimes hilarious exchange here.

It could be because it has become well known among these scammers that they are often exposed by their use of English.

Targeting a nonnative speaker may make their errors less obvious. It is not the first name she uses on her Facebook account but it does form the main part of her email address.

They seem always to be looking for “a woman with a caring heart” and, to set the romantic hook, “to spend the rest of my life together with”.

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He probably found that my friend was a single woman, in her 40s with a child.

Other studies have found that women are more sympathetic than men. We are willing to overlook things we may not normally overlook.

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